Guildhall Live Events

Architectural/Product Video Design

We specialise in creating immersive and interactive digital experiences.


A Day of Kites and Lights – Windrush 2019

Marking the close of celebratory events on Windrush Day 2019, Guildhall Live Events worked closely with Haringey Archive and Museum Service to project a series of images onto the historic building of Bruce castle in Tottenham.
Using photographs and paintings from Haringey Archive and Museum Service alongside new artworks by photographer Agenda Brown of Visual Marvelry and artist Nicola Green, this beautiful and evocative collection of images celebrated and honoured Haringey’s Windrush Generation and their descendants, giving a sense of place in the continuum of communities settling in Haringey, and ensuring their personal stories are not forgotten.

Guildhall Yard, Blood Rite

Blood Rite, a digitally animated dance show, was created in partnership with the award-winning Boy Blue Entertainment as part of Londinium, a three-month series of events organised by the City of London Corporation celebrating London’s ties to ancient Rome.
Juxtaposed against the site of London’s Roman Amphitheatre, the performance fused live dance, cutting edge hip-hop music and projection to create an explosive exploration of the city’s Roman heritage. Audiences experienced provocative scenes that evoked both the horror and heroism of ancient gladiator fights.

Waddesdon Imaginarium

In 2017, Waddesdon Manor, (a country house located near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire which is managed by the Rothschild Foundation on behalf of the National Trust) commissioned Guildhall Live Events to bring the Manor to life using the latest in video projection mapping technologies as part of their festive Imaginarium programme.
The façade of the manor became a blank canvas onto which the Guildhall team projected a bespoke ten-minute performance. In order to create these unique projections, the team worked in partnership with Waddesdon’s curators to 3D scan 50 objects housed in the Manor. These were then transformed into detailed animations, bringing the collection to life. The team were also commissioned to produce original music to accompany the projection, creating a completely bespoke storytelling experience for visitors.

Blackpool, Lightpool Festival, Light Odyssey

The launch of Blackpool’s 2018 Lightpool Festival, Light Odyssey, saw the Empress Ballroom brought to life with projections created by Guildhall School alongside the work of other world-class animators. The bespoke animations were crafted to accompany iconic pieces of classical music, performed live by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.
The team produced animations to complement music by Copland, heralded as ‘the Dean of American Composers’. The projections balanced moments of delicacy with dramatic qualities to reflect the musical twists and turns of the composition. In addition, the team created projections that were shown alongside music from Britten’s opera, Peter Grimes. The work brought together themes from the opera such as loneliness, beauty within nature and a desire to find belonging.